The Ordering Process


Ordering -> Receiving your finished product

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  1. Place your order here at the website. A few things to note when you order: Everything you will need has been divided up into steps, so if you need a payment option besides paying your total up front, you can order one step at a time and I will work at your pace. If you are paying your total up front, please include all the options you want from each step (like tooth shade AND type from the "Teeth Options" step).

  2. Please send me pictures of your face to determine bite issues and other factors that might affect the crafting of your new smile. Send these to

  3. I'll mail you a dental impression kit, including impression material and trays, stone, wax bite registration material, and easy-to-follow instructions.

  4. Follow the instructions included in your kit to take impressions of your arches, fill them with stone, and ship them back. Once I receive your impressions, I will start making a wax model of your new smile using the actual teeth it will have!

  5. Once it's finished, I'll send you a set of custom-fitted wax bite blocks to try in. Once received, you may edit them to customize the fit and feel of your denture to the way you would like it to be (take some wax off here, move it a bit there, and so on). Put those back on their included stone casts of your gum ridges and send them back.

  6. I'll set your new teeth in the wax bite blocks you send back to me, creating a custom wax denture model for you to try on. Together, we will determine if the fit, bite, shade and shape of teeth are correct. Bite registration putty and easy-to-follow instructions will also be included to allow me to check your bite with the wax denture in place. 

  7. Mail the wax denture model and completed bite registration back to me. Corrections will be made and your new smile will be crafted by hand from the model, the bite registration information, and any corrections we determined were necessary. A second wax try-in model may be sent if needed.

  8. I'll send you your newly custom crafted dentures! Put them in and get on with smiling!



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