Payment Plans

Pay as you go denture

This is a new system that we are implementing. You will pay for every step that there is to create a denture. If at anytime that you would like to stop the process then you aren’t obligated to pay anymore money and not get refunded any money.

To get started:

Step 1: $200.00 to receive the denture impression kit in the mail.  

Step 2: You take your own impression following instructions and mail back to JO’s Denture Lab.

Step 3: Send payment of $400.00 to receive custom wax bite block. Follow instructions and mail back.

Step 4: Pick if you want premium denture or a basic denture.

Premium pay $500.00 and choose teeth color

Basic denture pay $300.00

You will then receive a wax denture for try on. Then follow directions and send back.-

Step 5: Payment of $700.00 for premium denture and $450.00 for basic denture to receive your completed denture.


Please if you have any questions contact us.

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  • Basic Denture

    Basic Denture

    This is a plain denture with everything you need, to chew food and smile, is durable just like the rest , heat cured.
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