Jos Denture Lab FAQ

What is Jo’s Denture Kit

v  It’s a prepaid mail order system for dentures/partials using PayPal’s secure online payment method that offers YOU buyer protection.

How does it work?

v  After payment is made, customer will receive a package in the mail with everything that is needed to make the mold at home, with instructions. If needed, assistance will be provided over the phone.


v  Once the impression has been completed, customer will send the impression model back to the lab using the address provided on the instructions or shipping envelope.


v  When the impressions model has been received, the lab will fabricate a custom bite block or mail a pre-fabricated bite block to the customer. Then the customer can create a bite registration and mail it back to the lab.


v  If this bite is successfully done, the lab will fabricate a wax try-in and send to the customer to test-fit it. Then the final denture will be made once it is sent back with any adjustments made.     pro to make any changes if need it, this step we allow the client to make any type of choice it may have.

Do I have to mail back the wax try-in?

v  Yes you do. If any change has been requested, a second wax try-in must be performed in order to secure the integrity and future fit of the denture.


v  If everything lines up correctly and is made to the customer’s specifications, then the final step can be completed.


When will I get my dentures?


v  The whole process including the mailing time takes about three weeks. It can take longer if errors were made during the process or changes were made on the wax try-in.


What if my denture/partial needs adjustment?


v  Once the dentures are completed, the laboratory does their best to make the denture(s) fit securely so they do not need any adjustment. If you do, a lab technician can assist you over the phone for advice on how to do simple adjustments at home by using a Dremel or finger nail file to smooth down any uncomfortable areas.


Do I get some type of warranty?


v  Yes, we offer a few warranty options:

  • We offer a 6 month warranty that covers any breaks or damages that might occur as a result of our work — free of charge.*
  • We offer a 12 month warranty on the Premium Full Denture Package that covers any breaks or damages that might occur as a result of our work — free of charge.*
  • You can also opt to purchase a Premium Extended Warranty for your denture/partial on our website. *


*Terms and conditions apply.



What type of products do you offer?


v  We offer all types of removable prosthetics, dentures, partial dentures, etc.


What type of dentures and partials do you offer?


v  We have two types of dentures; cold cure dentures and heat cure (Premium) dentures.

  • Cold cure dentures are a little more fragile compared to the heat cure. This is the classic/basic type of denture.


  • Our heat cure/Premium dentures are made of superior quality, high-impact, high-density acrylic, which is more durable and harder to break. You can fully customize this denture by choosing the teeth type and teeth shade that you want.


What type of partial?


  We have a metal partial, all acrylic partial, and flexible Valplast.



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